Dales Water Wells in Silsbee, Texas, symbolizes the longstanding history of this East Texas town. Serving to provide fresh and reliable water to the community since the 1960s, these water wells remain a valuable asset to this day. With a rich history behind them, they stand as both a reminder of the past and a reliable source of fresh water. Information can be found here.

This article will detail the history of Dales Water Wells in Silsbee, Texas, and its impact on the town. We’ll also explore the utility and benefits that these wells bring to the local community. Dales Water Wells in Silsbee, Texas, began production in the early 1960s. Located in the small East Texas town of Silsbee, the well water company was opened by local entrepreneur and former mayor Allan Dale. With his experienced team of good technicians and drillers, Allan Dale began to build a business devoted to producing fresh, reliable water. At the time of the company’s founding, Silsbee was a rural town with few resources and facilities. Dale saw potential in the area and seized the opportunity to provide fresh, reliable water to the growing community. The business was an instant success and soon became a local powerhouse. The utility and benefits of Dales Water Wells in Silsbee, Texas, are perhaps best seen when looking at the local water supply. Discover facts about The Attraction of Ice House Museum & Cultural Center in Silsbee, Texas.