In the heart of southeast Texas lies the rural town of Silsbee. Though small, Silsbee’s Ice House Museum & Cultural Center has become an unexpected attraction, drawing people from all across the state. Its unique collection of artifacts, deep historical roots, and educational programming make it a must-see destination. Learn more here.

The small, family-operated museum was originally opened in 1999 by local resident Gary Koehn. The building originally served as an icehouse in the late 19th century, offering an essential service to the agricultural industry of the area. Koehn saw the potential to preserve the heritage of his town and its surrounding communities, as well as celebrate their culture. In its first phase of development, the Ice House Museum & Cultural Center was dedicated to preserving the history of Silsbee and the nearby towns. Though there are now only a handful of structures that clearly predate the 20th century, the museum houses numerous historical artifacts. You will find everything from photographs and personal diaries of original residents to vintage clothing and furniture used in homes of the early 20th century. In addition to artifacts, the museum also houses a library of books and documents related to local history. Visitors can explore the town’s past by examining maps and perusing newspaper clippings from long before the internet was invented. Learn more about Evadale Raceway: A Hub of Thrilling Motor Speedway Racing in Silsbee, Texas.