Roy E. Larsen Sandyland Sanctuary in Texas is a lovely place to visit and explore. Located in the vibrant coastal community of Port Lavaca on Matagorda Bay, the sanctuary covers nearly 10,000 acres of a unique and diverse natural environment. As both a research and educational center, the sanctuary offers travelers the opportunity to experience a deep connection with nature and to learn more about the state’s natural history and fragile ecosystems. Learn more here.

The sanctuary got its start in 1989 when the Roy E. Larsen Foundation began buying up parcels of land in an effort to protect them from destruction. The Larsen Foundation, a private foundation created to protect and preserve the environment, has since invested over $24 million to purchase, preserve, and restore the property. Partly because of this conservation, the sanctuary is now home to a variety of threatened and endangered wildlife species, including the whooping crane, peregrine falcon, Texas horned lizard, and pink bollworm, as well as numerous other shorebirds, fish, and insects. The sanctuary includes woodlands, prairies, and wetlands, as well as miles of sand dunes and a beachfront. Visitors can explore the unique habitats through more than 15 miles of hiking trails and boat launches, while birding enthusiasts can witness a variety of avian species along the shoreline. Kayakers and canoeists can sail the waters of the bay and its tributaries. Various activities, lectures, and tours are available throughout the year, making the sanctuary an excellent place for families and other groups interested in learning more about the local wildlife, ecology, and preservation practices. Learn more about The Attraction of Hardin County Park in Texas.